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Brand story

The origin behind the brand

Glitzy Owl is a watch and jewelry brand designed and manufactured by Hong Kong. The design is inspired by the colorful nightlife of Hong Kong. This pluralistic society combines Eastern and Western cultures. In this hot, interesting and friendly place,how to give consumers the most reasonable price and excellent quality to express their own taste is our philosophy.


Vision and mission


Maybe you don't know that Hong Kong is the world's second largest exporter of watches in terms of value (after Switzerland), but we mainly manufacture for
brands from all over the world. Our mission is to create a brand that everyone loves based on our experience.

Although our parts and raw materials come from different parts of the world, we insist on assembling finished products in Hong Kong, a brand that can be called Hong Kong-made.

We split the production process into multiple simple processes. We hope that when the brand is mature, we can hire the elderly to work and give them two or three hours of simple work every day. Although they don’t make
much money, it is more important to let them know that they can still contribute to society, society and family, give them confidence. Through work, you can
get to know more friends, so as to expand there life circle and live a wonderful life.


What does our brand stand for

Glitzy Owl is not just a watch or a piece of jewelry. In addition to representing your free and extraordinary personality, it also represents your contribution to society.